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'Transition Time: How To Convert Practice Ownership To Profit And Cash Flow In The Dental Practice: Through A DDSO Blueprint'

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Want Clinical Dentistry To Be a CHOICE Rather Than a Financial NECESSITY ?


What You Will Learn Inside
DDSO Strategies...
  • Learn Why Cash-Flow Theory is the Only Way to Retire with Abundance as a Dentist
  • How to Convert your Practice to a DDSO
  • ​​How to Convert the Liability of your Overhead into an Asset 
  • Save BIG on Taxes with the Dental Cash Flow and Tax Formula
  • ​​How Vertical Integration of your Practice(s) is the way to lower Overhead and Total Dental Freedom
  • ​​Dental Human Capital: Your Greatest Asset in the Field of Dentistry
  • ​​Top Techniques for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • ​​Equity Harvesting: How to be in the lowest tax bracket with the highest business ROI
  • ​​Most Successful Techniques to Add Co-Owners, Not Associates, and Harvest Equity While Eliminating Debt
  • ​​Build Your Own Highly Profitable Wholesale and Retail 3D Print Center For Clear Aligners
  • ​​Build YOUR OWN Private Equity Company Rather Than Be a Servant To Private Equity 
  • ​​Build Your Own Staff-Driven, For-Profit 3D Printing Center
  • ​​Case Studies from around the US giving Unique Secrets to DDSO Expansion
  • ​​World-class AGD PACE CE Institutes and How to Benefit Your DDSO Through an Institute
  • ​​How to Build Your own DDSO Blueprint with Team DDSO!
  • ​​Learn The Highest Profit Margin Group Practice Method: The Uber of DDSO Models
  • ​​Learn How to Build the Dental Expert Marketing Ecosystem for Maximum New Patient Flow
  • ​​Build Your Medical-Dental Real Estate Portfolio To Provide Non-Clinical Cash-Flow
  • ​​Acquire a Satellite Practice using the Mentorship Joint-Venture: Create Passive while Strengthening Private Practice Dentistry


What are others saying about DDSO Strategies?
"The concepts in this book helped me to triple revenues within three months and took me to new levels of success. I got my silver bullet back!"
- Dr. Walter  Kostrzewski
Bethel, CT
About the author...
Dr. Brady Frank
Dr. Frank began his business education in the field of dentistry in 1999 as a junior in dental school by interviewing 72 of the most successful dentists he could find with regard to their ideal exit or transition strategy. 

During that process 32 of the offered for Dr. Frank to purchase their practice. Dr. Frank closed on his first practice the day he graduated, the next six months later and went on to successfully own and grow several group practices over the last 20 years. 

Early-career multiple-practice ownership caused Dr. Frank to begin studying successful practice transitions and acquisitions spring boarding a 20 year specialty in transitions, acquisitions, DSO expansion and private practice group expansion through multiple doctors and multiple locations (DDSOs: Dentist-driven DSOs). Dr. Frank has consulted with some of the top DSOs in the industry, has orchestrated hundreds of transitions and continues to help hundreds of practices throughout the US add doctors and locations to their private practices. He has been providing AGD PACE approved courses on this subject matter since 2005.
Clinically, Dr. Frank has held a deep passion for the field of implant dentistry. Ever since a 1999-2000 research project on immediately placed and loaded implants and 2002 training at Nobel BioCare headquarters in Yorba Linda, Dr. Frank has fueled his passion for implants and driven deeper every year for two decades. 

Dr. Frank began teaching implants over the shoulder in the mid-2000s, opened his first teaching center, Implant Efficiency Institute, in 2012 and went on to develop his own implant systems, tools, procedures and protocols. Dr. Frank was the founder of OsteoReady, LLC, in implant training and product company. He sold his interest to private equity in October 2017.

After many years of a very busy US and international implant lecture schedule, Dr. Frank spends most of his time mentoring the top 1% in the DSO, DDSO and Implant markets. He continues to provide the innovations and vertical components to many of the organizations of which he affiliates himself.   



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